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My name is Joe Dantone and I'm a Commercial Photographer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dantone Creative is known for being a headshot, advertising, food, and portrait photographer. We love and welcome all sorts of new and exciting projects from adventure photography to your modern studio headshot.

We, as Dantone Creative, are a Philadelphia commercial photography studio based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, servicing Philadelphia, New York as well as anywhere else in the world. In the galleries above you will find a lot of the areas we specialize in.

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer

Being a Philadelphia Headshot Photographer we get to work with so many different types of people coming from varieties of workplaces and industries. We've photographed subjects such as business owners, actor’s, lawyer’s, singers and musicians, as well as athletes, and business professionals. I love photographing headshots because you can directly interact with your client and learn more about them. Its always good to keep your headshots up to date. Remember, your headshot will be the biggest first impression in your field, make sure its fresh!

Restaurant and Food Photographer in Pennsylvania
Here in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York, we have some of the best restaurants and catering services in the country. Most times, the last thing on a restaurant owners mind is getting pictures or the food and/or interior. We come up with custom proposals to fit exactly what you need for your business. Whether it being photographing your highlight food dishes, or doing a full service shoot from interior/exterior pictures, food, products, headshots, and creative portraits of Chefs/Owners.

Advertising and Lifestyle Photographer

The key part in advertising is having creative, memorable content that makes you feel something. Putting together Advertising and Lifestyle projects is extremely exciting because it gives us the opportunity to work with other creatives in putting together an unforgettable final product to portray your message or launch your brand.

Creative Portrait and Adventure Photographer

Most times when contacted for portraits or to start on a new project or adventure, there is a concept. If not, we start to help build your visual timeline and storyboard to create a visually enhancing image set that is creative and develops an idea or message.