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Headshots for when your company goes remote

Is your employer telling you to work remote?

Coronavirus, COVID-19, has caused a massive shift in everyone's lives. From health, to living and social situations, down to their work. Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County have all pretty much been shut down at this point.

With the work aspect in mind, most big companies will be working remote. When working remote you will most likely be using technology that requires some sort of avatar or image place holder. Now since you cannot meet clients or associates in person, you will need to have a welcoming and engaging headshot to show on all of these platforms now more than ever! No one really knows how long this is going to last, but now is a better time than ever to get a refresh headshot. I am going to be opening up headshot days where you can come into the studio in Newtown, PA and sit in on a 10 minute headshot session at 50% off the regular rate. Check out the details below.

Discounted Headshot Sessions


  • Up to a 10 minute session at 4 W. Washington Ave. Floor 3, Newtown, PA 18940
  • 1 High Resolution File per subject to get edited and retouched
  • On-Site proofing to pick your file immediately