Dantone Creative

Membership Program

Creating content library's for business owners and brands for web and social media platforms

  • What is the membership program?

The membership program is an easier way to get creative professional content to be able to be used by that business on all of their social media platforms and on the web. Constantly businesses are re-posting consumer cell phone images to their social media platforms and its not a flattering representation of the business image or brand. This is where you stand out and get your edge over the competition. You want to have a clean nice professional representation of your business because it shows you care.

  • How does the membership program work?

All businesses are constantly evolving and bringing in new products and services. With this program Dantone Creative will sit down with you and come up with a personalized plan that fits YOUR BUSINESS. We will discuss exactly what you will need content wise, and how it can be used on multiple platforms to keep your business looking fresh. From there we go over a budget which will navigate the frequency these photo sessions occur. We can create monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual plans.

  • What are the other benefits of being in this membership program?

Good thing you asked! Theres quite a bit more to tell you so check out some of these perks below!

  • 10% off any shoot outside of the contracted amount of sessions.
  • Access to all of the photos in an online gallery that you can download at any time from any computer or phone!
  • The images delivered to you will be high resolution.

For more information about our membership program you can contact us here