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Bucks County and Philadelphia Headshots

Dantone Creative is a Bucks County Headshot Photographer

Dantone Creative has a studio based in Newtown, PA. We create jaw dropping headshots almost anywherere, and because of this we are able to do your headshots at your office, your home, a park, or even at our studio in Newtown Pennsylvania in Bucks County. We specialize in a very unique headshot that really makes the subject pop off the page. Your headshot should be unforgettable, and show an expression of confidence all the while being inviting and approachable. Being based in Bucks County, PA gives us the flexibility to be able to travel anywhere from New York, down to Philadelphia within less than an hours time.

Being a Philadelphia Headshot Photographer we get to work with so many different types of people coming from varieties of workplaces and industries. We've photographed subjects such as business owners, actor’s, lawyer’s, singers and musicians, as well as athletes, and business professionals. I love photographing headshots because you can directly interact with your client and learn more about them. Its always good to keep your headshots up to date. Remember, your headshot will be the biggest first impression in your field, make sure its fresh!

Corporate Headshots in Newtown, Bucks County and Philadelphia

Corporate Headshots and any type of business professional headshot is a necessity. Actually any headshot is a "must", BUT being a business professional, a headshot is more than just a photo. Having a professional headshot speaks the following about yourself:

  • Showing you care about your image and how you carry yourself
  • Gives the viewer a great first impression. Your headshot should be inviting and engaging
  • Shows professionalism most times before communication occurs
  • You care about how you are representing the company you work for

Throw away the headshot taken from your cell phone, or the wedding picture you cropped in to make it look like a headshot. You are not fooling anyone. Scroll through your Linkedin account at your connections and see which profile pictures stand out the most. I'll bet they are clean professional headshots.

At Dantone Creative, we make headshots easy for the subject. We know time is a valuable thing, so we can create a headshot station right at your work place. We call this "on-location headshots". Most times we will do this when doing group corporate headshots. This way no one has to leave work and it makes scheduling that much easier. We bring our laptop with us and you can easily make your headshot selection right on-site!

A lot of times we will also get individuals that just want a headshot refresh or update not in a group setting. We can then schedule a time to come into our studio and get your headshot done here in Newtown, Pennsylvania in Bucks County.

We offer many services to help make the process of getting a professional headshot easier for you.

  • On-site headshot stations
  • Location flexibility
  • On-site proofing to make your headshot selection immediately after taking it
  • Quick turnaround, individual headshots fully retouched in up to 48 hours

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Studio Headshots in Newtown, Bucks County, PA

Dantone Creative is in the heart of the most amazing town in Bucks County. We are located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Our studio space occupies a 1400 sq. ft. dance studio, transformed into a photography studio space. In studio we can create all sorts of awesome magic. Whether you're a relator and want a headshot refresh, or you're an actor and want some dramatic portraits. We can do it all here in-house. Once we figure out the look you are going for we can view the images immediately in the meeting space and go over any details. From there your images will be edited and sent out to you within a few short days.

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